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3 good reasons to choose a construction company for the construction of your building.

That’s it! You are finally ready to make your construction dream come true and do all you can to make it a success. However! Who to trust? Between the “experienced” mason recommended to you by relatives and the construction company based in your city? Do not panic! Here are good reasons to trust a construction company.

First, what is a construction company?

A construction company is a construction company that carries out several activities in the field of construction. It ensures the delivery of a work, all functions and techniques assembled, compliant and in a state of completion for a price, with performance and within a period determined by a contract.

To put it simply, the construction company is a legally constituted company that offers services in terms of advice, design and construction in the field of construction. His intervention will be very beneficial if you are thinking of renovating your dwelling house or building a building and those for at least three reasons:

1 You benefit from the intervention of experts.

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When it comes to building, many people boast of knowing excellent workers for the realization and even for the design of their construction projects. But we can never say it enough: “the worker does not have the qualification to design a construction project, that is only the responsibility of architects and engineers”. Going directly to a worker for your project will not save you money either, quite the contrary. It means evolving without a precise plan, with constantly changing quotes, unknown deadlines and often without a clearly established contract.

A construction company however, because of the training of its staff (engineers, technicians specialized in the execution of works, interior designers, etc.) has the expertise to ensure the design and management of any construction project. They represent the perfect profile to guide you from the creation of the project to its completion, guaranteeing you compliance with construction standards, costs, and deadlines. The particularity of these structures is that they are required by law to establish contracts for you before any work, which constitutes a no less negligible guarantee for the customer.

2 You are assured of compliance with cost and deadline standards, without stress.

The main asset offered by construction companies is the assurance of quality service and compliance with standards. By using them, you benefit from the completion of the project within the defined time frame and at a much better price. The advantages of a construction company are more numerous:

  • Obtaining a complete and detailed estimate of the project.
  • Professional advice on building standards and permits.
  • Advice of coordination and free monitoring of the construction site.
  • Saving money and time.
  • Preserves the client from the stress of the works.
  • Complete work without lifting a finger.

If you are planning to carry out a construction or renovation project, choosing a construction company therefore simplifies the task. However, take care to choose the right one. A good company must be legally constituted, have specialists in all trades and must have taken out insurance.

3You have liability protection.

All construction projects present hazards. Fortunately, many construction companies train their teams to avoid them. In addition, any construction company is required to have insurance that covers its workers in the event of an accident during construction, but also one that more particularly concerns its customers: the ten-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

The ten-year builder’s guarantee is insurance that covers damage occurring after acceptance of the work by the client for 10 years. The period starts the day after the signing of the works acceptance report.

More simply, if faulty workmanship or other problems under the manufacturer’s responsibility are observed within 10 years after the acceptance of the work, this insurance will protect you from the associated costs. It should be noted that unfortunately not all building companies offer this service. Only true professionals offer it.

So if you have a project and you do not know who to contact, do not hesitate to contact us.