Want greenery? transform your balcony into a mini garden where life is good!

It is well known that in urban areas, exterior surfaces are often cramped and poorly laid out and green spaces are rare. Bearing, it is quite possible to have at home a small green setting by arranging a very often neglected place, the balcony. No matter its size, it is possible to transform it! So if you have a balcony, here are some simple and easy tips that will allow you to transform it into a veritable little green garden without spending too much.

1 – Little rules to follow…

porte-pot-fleur-astuces-Jean-HERMANNBefore you start creating your corner of greenery, be sure to follow some essential rules. – Think simplicity : Above all, your small green space must be easy to live with and maintain. It is therefore out of the question to design a complex garden that will take up all your time and space (already you don’t have enough). Go for minimalism, i.e. a design that will require maintenance on weekends for example or a few minutes before and / or after work. – Have a plan : With a small sketch on paper indicating the dimensions of your balcony, you will better visualize the possibilities offered by your space. – Set a budget: Depending on what you want to install on your small balcony, the price can vary enormously. It is therefore better to take the time to quantify all this, in order to avoid surprises… Do not hesitate to inquire at a garden centre. – Think about watering: Watering is not a problem a priori, but if you leave your house empty for a long time very often, Opt for an automatic watering system for example, or call on a friend. – Find out about the rules of co-ownership: If you live in an apartment this will be very important in order not to break the rules.

2 – Carefully green the balcony…

To give a little cheerfulness and color to your balcony, flowers are ideal. Let your imagination run wild while paying attention to space. For example, you can choose climbing green plants (e.g. Bougainvillé; Liane Saint-Jean) for minimum space or trees to plant in pots such as Fargesia angustissima bamboo, if you have more space. But in general, small plants like Agapanthus are usually “popular” on balconies. It is also possible to set up a small vegetable garden on your balcony, but make the right choice. Opt for plants that like pots and balcony exposure. If your balcony is almost always in the shade, the range is very limited. Cultivate plants that like cool soil (carrot, lettuce, etc.). If it gets a lot of sun, go for cherry tomato suspensions, chillies, aromatic herbs (basil; mint; chives…) and other edible flowers. potatoes, squash or leeks, on the other hand, will be less well suited.

3 – Root your plants well…

For containers and potting soil in your balcony garden, here are also some essential tips. – Containers: In general, prefer terracotta pots or planters for your plants, pierced in their bottoms. They will allow excess irrigation water to be removed and the roots to breathe. For your mini vegetable garden, opt for planters that are large enough so that your plants have enough soil to grow in. Line the bottom of your containers with a layer of clay balls 3 to 5 cm thick, which you will cover with a geotextile felt that will keep your soil in place. -The soil: to ensure good growth, the soil should be rich enough in nutrients to compensate for the small volume of soil contained in a planter. With good water retention, a specific soil for pots and planters will avoid watering too often in hot weather. Now that you have the basics for gardening on your balcony, have fun! And if you need more information, do not hesitate to contact us.