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Design your project from A to Z

Partner of all your projects Jean HERMANN has experienced teams able to carry out work for all trades. We put our know-how and experience at your disposal to make your project a success. We relied on the expertise of different company entities to design and build, from start to finish, exceptional buildings that respect people and the environment.


One or more meetings will be necessary to better understand your expectations and best meet your needs. These meetings will allow us to:

Propose a program of design achievements, namely the date of issue of the first sketches or results of building diagnostics in the event of modification of an existing building.
In case of validation of the previous step, provide you with a precise description of the different options chosen and an estimate of the cost and duration of the work.
Provide the documents necessary for the constitution of a complete application file for a Building Permit (PC).

After which our team will proceed to the detailed design of the project.


Our teams will then prepare detailed plans of all levels of the building(s), elevations, facades and possibly additional perspectives which will ensure a good understanding of the entire project down to the smallest detail. Execution studies will then be carried out. Execution plans on the appropriate scales and calculation notes will be drawn up for the execution of the works for the construction of the entire building. A bill of quantities and estimate (BQE) specifying each lot of the project and estimating the respective budgets, will be provided to you.


After having defined the planning and the procedures applicable on the construction site(s) and, if necessary, selecting the external service providers who will intervene during the execution of the work, our engineers will launch the execution phase of the work while ensuring, with the design team to strict compliance with the rules of the art, the commitments of each and the fair execution of the plans.


After checking all the work carried out and the performance of the services down to their final details and certifying that the various regulations have been taken into account, we close the file for the works carried out and confirm the conformity of the work in order to to correspond to the terms of the contracts with the various service providers. Once all the work has been jointly validated, We proceed to the final acceptance of the building, and will completely hand over responsibility for the building(s) to you.