5 tips for building a house on a tight budget.

Do you want to build your house but your budget is limited? Here are 5 tips that will allow you to build a pretty home, without breaking the bank.

1 – Take the time to choose professionals

In the field of construction, choosing people who master the subject (construction company, architect, etc.) protects you from frequent errors that could strain your budget. Be aware that the architect generally offers very transparent quotes, but prices may change during construction depending on the materials chosen, the availability of certain elements, etc. On the side of the construction company, you benefit from the advantage of a firm and definitive price, and just as transparent (at least for serious companies) Ideally, ask for quotes from several professionals. The competition is very important, because it allows you to negotiate the prices and to judge the transparency of each one.

2 – Opt for a simple configuration

It’s math: a house with a complex configuration means more walls and will therefore be more expensive to build than a house with a simpler shape. A house with a simpler design is therefore likely to cost you much less, because it will require less materials (less blocks, plasterboard, plaster…) and labor.

3 – Prefer a carport rather than a garage

If you don’t have a luxury car, the need for a garage may seem secondary. That’s because a garage is expensive to build, and you might as well get away with a carport, which will protect your car from the elements and allow you to get your kids in the car or take out your groceries under cover. rain. Know that a garage can perfectly be built later, well after your house. So if you want to save money for the time being, plan the location of the garage and instead install a shelter that will do the trick until you can build a garage.

4 – Build a two-storey house

Contrary to popular belief, a two-storey house costs less to build than a single-storey house. It all starts with the land: given the same surface area, you will need a lot more land to see a single-storey house built on it. In addition, the earthworks will take much longer and will cost you more. A two-storey house requires less materials and labor to build, because the roof and the frame, which represent a high expense item in the construction of a house, will be less important than for a single-storey house. foot. Choosing a two-storey and compact house is guaranteed to save you money.

5 – Design a bioclimatic house

Designing a bioclimatic house costs nothing! Or at the very least, there is no additional cost at the time of construction: it is simply a question of drawing up the construction plans for your house with the help of an experienced professional. If you will not feel the weight on the price of construction, you can be sure that your energy bills will be reduced. A bioclimatic design consists of taking advantage of favorable climatic conditions, while protecting against undesirable conditions. The first parameters you need to consider will be the course of the sun and natural ventilation. Indeed, the simple orientation of your house will allow you to maximize solar gain, and save energy. Thus, you will need to orient it so that the collective living areas such as the living room, dining room and kitchen, are always located to the south. Rooms that require less light such as the bathroom, toilets and laundry room to the north. The bedrooms can be located to the east or to the west. In addition, you will need to favor large openings on the outside of the house, to promote air intake. But to protect yourself from the sun’s rays, it will be a question of providing during construction, the provision of a source of shade, such as a balcony, a tree with deciduous leaves, a solar cap… More and more more professionals are aware of the construction of bioclimatic houses, but do not entrust this project to just anyone. So eager to have you build a beautiful home despite your low budget? do not hesitate to contact us.